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Freeze Dried Peach Rings - Premium Freeze Dried Fruit Candy

Freeze Dried Peach Rings - Premium Freeze Dried Fruit Candy

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Here at Honeybear Party Boutique, we've taken your favorite premium candies and transformed them into crunchy bites of awesomness! Our Freeze Dried Peach Rings are so delicious! It's a fun, new way to taste your classic candy treats.

★The magic behind the transformation. We package all of our freeze dried candy in re-sealable mylar bags to preserve the freshness of your candy. Freeze drying removes the moisture to transform chewy candy into amazing, flavorful, crunchy bites.

★You must re-seal the bag after you take some candy out. This will prevent your freeze dried candy from absorbing moisture from the air.

★ Our freeze dried candy is fun to share and makes for a fun gift idea! So whether you're looking for a tasty treat or a reliable source of sweet in case of an emergency, Freeze Dried Treats have you covered.

🛑 Be sure to check out our other tasty flavors, too! Allergen info: These treats are produced on equipment that also processes other candy products containing milk, peanuts, and nuts.

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